Cats are known for being good groomers and their general cleanliness. Being a cat owner does involve the right amount of home cleaning and care .
Here are couple of steps you can take to keep your home and your cat clean.
 Brushing your cat every day  has several perks for your cat, such as removing dust and debris from the fur while also helping prevent tangles, hairball and mats. Some perfect product for this  will be this GROOMING COMB or GROOMING BRUSH or this amazing ,,BRUSH ME” grooming set in our store! Brushing using products like this distributes healthy natural skin oils throughout the cat’s fur. It also catches dead cat hairs that you might find in your furniture, carpets and drapes.
    GROOMING COMB               "BRUSH ME" SET                 GROOMING BRUSH
Most cats don’t like water. Luckily, cats are self-cleaners so they need less baths than dogs. Also, giving your cat too many baths can remove essential oils from their skin.However,the occasional shower can help remove stubborn dirt hidden deep within the fur. You can help your cat to go through that unpleasant experience with HAPPY BATHING FEEDER - just put it on side of bath or wall in the shower and  apply some ammount of your cat's favourite treat on it to divert attention from bathing.
No one likes smelly litterbox, so regular and frequent litter change are essential. As a cat owner you may experience bad odor after your lovely cat finishes his business. DEODORIZER for toilet is a device that helps you with that issue - it works quietly, the pet does not interfere. It sucks the air through the filter on the front panel and blows the scented down. It works, immediately when the motion sensor is triggered.
deodorizer for litterbox for cats
And while we’re at it, there are several high-tech products available today that help dispenses food and water in regular, suitable portions. Such devices can help reduce water spills,  plus cats prefer water from a filtered fountain because the water tastes fresher. Using a FOUNTAIN BOWL can help encourage hydration, which in turn reduces the burden on your cat's kidneys. More over, cats are naturally drawn to running water since they see it as fresher than water in a bowl. Plus it is a fun way to entertain your cat.
fountain bowl for cats running water